In The Interest Of Continuous Quality Improvement...

Look over there on the right side....Look at the Links section. See that Nancy Bartholomew's Website link? Adam, the oldest, had to help me do that. But see the link below it? The Please Take My Poll link? I did that one all by myself! I made up the survey. I hooked the code into my template and voila! It's amazing what you can teach old people these days!

So, now....Would you please go take the polls?

For my next feat of amazing technological wonder...perhaps I will post a picture...or maybe I'll just clean and pack the basement....Hey, I know, I'll take a picture of the Laundry Room Before and After I clean and pack them...It's called multi-tasking!

Heck, I got so carried away, I did two polls! Then I drove out to the country and picked 20lbs of strawberries...forget the dadblamed basement!


Anonymous said...

Will you ever do another Sierra Lavotini book?

Anonymous said...

Please do another Sierra Lavotini book... I have to know who Moose really is.... I can't beliwve you left us hanging! Will you ever do another one?