Snow or Slush, Beauty or Pain in the Ass?

Finally. The first spit of snow has fallen, formally christening the winter. It was only a tiny gesture but one the school kid in me took to heart. I dug out my "Let It Snow" corny winter sweater, baked the old folks a pumpkin/sweet potato pie and after much delaying and procrastinating, set out to make my rounds of the nursing homes.

They were all snuggled under blankets, curtains closed...the very same ones who'd cried "Oh, just one huge snowstorm!" Today it was "What a mess!" or "It's so cold! All I want to do is stay in bed!"

I did have to agree with the latter sentiment. It was a day for staying in and lighting a fire, making tea and baking cookies.

So I fed them still-warm pie and talked about how beautiful it looked in the early morning, how great it was to finally see winter sending us a touch of its beauty.

But they didn't much buy it. They knew the snow had turned to slush and freezing drizzle- even with the curtains closed, they still knew.

Funny how people wish for things and when they get them, only choose to see the negative.

What is with that?


Teena said...

May if someone fed me still warm apple pie, I wouldn't mind winter so much :)

MrsM711 said...

Snow is sure pretty when it's coming down, but once it's down.....we'll you know the rest!