P.S On the Amish in, or out, of Caswell County

I got a sweet email from a lady named Martha today. She said:

Hi Nancy,

The Amish have left Caswell Co. for other parts.


Sigh. Well, at least my journey was not for naught. I loved Caswell County. The way the hills rise up then ebb away into beautiful glens and valleys; the tobacco barns; the old buildings in little towns that seem to ache to tell their story, or to be inhabited once again.

It just fuels my "Live by the Lake" intention...Maybe Lake Hyco or Mayo...somewhere close to those red barns and misty hills. Somewhere where I can fuse two or three tobacco barns together into a sweet cottage with a fieldstone fireplace and old rose bushes that volunteer their pink blooms a time or two a summer.

The city is just wasted on me.

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Billy The Blogging Poet said...

What, no more buggies to dodge on the highway? This can't be! We need to start a grassroots movement to bring them back. What about our state's diversity, why everyone will think us backwards if we don't have any Amish.

Seriously, It's been a while but I had no idea they left. I always liked the character the Amish bring to a community.