One Week Without the Unnamed Ones- Day 3

Good news!

No other dogs have shed hair to save their own hides.

I went Easter candy shopping yesterday and with my coupons, was able to purchase jelly beans for virtually nothing!

Good news, right?

Better news...I don't like green, yellow or,particularly, black jelly beans...and those are the only ones left! Looks like I'm back on my no sugar diet!

And remember one of my goals for the week was to clean out a closet?

Well, I cleaned out the closet in my office- see?!

I don't recall any promises about putting it back together though...maybe next vacation.

I also wrote at least a page on one of my novels.

See how well things progress when I'm left to my own devices!

Oh, and I remembered I'd promised to make Mertis a pie to take to work for this morning, so in the middle of the night I baked a scrumptious apple-walnut-crumb pie. This meant I had to stay up while it baked, so I worked on the Sunday crossword. Surely that counts as a literary endeavor?

1 comment:

Teena said...

Sounds like you are making good use of your time.

I'll take those jelly beans if you want ... I don't discrimate. I love 'em all!