Happy Birthday, Beloved!

And a lovely time it was this evening on the home front. We celebrated the Beloved's birthday a wee bit early- She's got a packed social schedule and had to work us in. Around here we consider the entire month of one's birthday to be their "Natal Season," so starting early suits us just fine.

No one was left out of the celebration...

And a rousting good time was had by all...

Tomorrow it's back to light-slinging. This time we're heading up to do the little cabin. Although, with all I've set out to take, we're going to need a truck, an SUV and we'll need to leave the dogs at home.

I suppose that attic of mine was a bit more jam-packed than I thought. I could decorate another two or three houses with all I've got still waiting to be uncovered. And we haven't even gotten to the light balls yet! Let alone the glow in the dark, glass globes.

What a wonderful time of year!

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Sassy said...

happy birthday to your "beloved"............Vrry cool blog :-)