Queen of the Garden

Remember this?


Remember how heavy those rocks were and how long it took to carefully place them around the perimeter of my black landscape fabric?

Neophyte that I am, I was so proud. I was totally sure an ounce of prevention would pay off in me not having to break my back pulling weeds in the sweltering, midsummer heat. 

Well, I am proud to report my little Weed Prevention Program is paying off royally! And so early in the year, too!



Yes, indeedy- When I arrived Friday afternoon there was not one weed to be found way up there in that tree.

Plenty of pricey black fabric, but not one weed.

The neighbor lady stopped as she drove by Sunday afternoon. She was on her way to a tea party but when she spotted me working in the yard, she made sure to pause long enough to congratulate me.

"Like your tree decorating," she said, smirking.

"Oh, you mean my Earth Day banner?" I asked, tossing my head and pretending I had arranged the artful masterpiece 70' high in the air on purpose.  "It's my way of commenting on the wretched state of our environment," I added. "You know, draping the tree in a shroud to symbolize man's destruction of all that is life-giving and nurturing."

Given that I was wearing shiny, new pink rubber rain boots, with their bright, white price tag dangling from the upper buckle, it was a bit of a hard sell.  But then, that's me.  I'm all about trying.



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