Mama Told Me Not to...Life Up the Holler

Up on the hill, one of the babies ventured out alone to nibble some corn.  Mama probably warned him, but he was hungry and decided the prize was worth the risk.


And then the stranger came along...


scared baby



scared baby2

He's a brave little guy. 


scared baby3

In this case, rumbly tummies won out.

scared baby5

But like all good siblings, the opportunity to scare your younger brother is just too good to pass up.


"Hey, Verdery, come here!" he called.  "Look what I found!"

"Mama said we're not supposed to wander..."

"Aw, come on, Verd! What are you, a 'fraidy cat? There's corn just a layin' all over the ground up here. Come on, I dare you!"

scared babies

Notice who's getting to eat all the good stuff while Verdery gets the stuffing scared out of him.

scared babies2

Family relations don't seem to change much across species.

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