Twiggy Trellis


  Remember this- my Spring trellis experiment?

big ugly trellis finale

big ugly step 4a

                        I was so proud…carefully planted young moonflower and morning glory sprouts, just sure the trellis would be the highlight of The Big Ugly.012

                                                 I waited.  And waited.  Finally a few sprigs twined their way around the bottom of the corner posts.

cellphone pix 034       Weeks went by.  Months later, a large leafed vine wound it’s way up one side, but there were no flowers, still.  The first week of August and nothing.


I left for a week-long vacation at the beach and returned to find this….



    But the sweet white, evening blooming flowers weren’t large enough or fragrant like moonflowers.  This week I finally figured it out…the gourds I’d given up on and tossed carelessly into the yard had found a new home.



     There are gourds everywhere.  Hanging from the top of the trellis, sneaking up along the sides. Gourds deciding better late than never, climb like kids gone wild at recess, reaching for the sky before fall’s inevitable frost.

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Beth said...

That's hilarious, Nancy! Gardening as metaphor for life---how so often it doesn't turn out like you planned (Man plans--God laughs), but sometimes it's pretty darn nice anyway. Maybe you could make some purple martin houses with those gourds. Purple martins eat lots of mosquitoes.:-)