Life in the Country- Fish Tricks and Wooly Worms

  Another week, more color…

092   A good time to entertain friends who’d never seen the little log cabin.  Cold enough to send the snakes shivering underground so we could tramp around the old Wade home place.


  Mert’s trained the fish to do tricks in return for Saltine cracker crumbs.  But with it so cold, they wouldn’t even surface to show off for the city girls.  It was sad. Other than “Surface and Eat” the little bass don’t really know too many tricks and it was supposed to be the highlight of the farm tour.

078  At least we were able to accurately predict the rest of the winter’s weather. We found a Wooly Worm with two thick, black lines. 

081  I think this means two snow storms…or not…I couldn’t find the Wooly Worm Prognostication Manual.


But the leaves and the color, the crisp bite to the air, surely that made up for the lack of fish tricks and cable car rides to the top of the mountain.

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Beth said...

Hey, who needs fish tricks when you have such beauty all about and a warm fire crackling in your cozy cabin? :-)

I believe the common belief concerning the Wooly Worm is that the more brown on its body, the milder the winter and the more black, the harsher the winter. From the picture, it looks like maybe half harsh and half mild?

Nancy said...

I just knew you'd know! Thanks!