Short Attention Span Theater...

People Who Probably Shouldn't Be Left To Their Own Devices:

People Who are Short on Oxygen and therefore short on short term memory and Women Approaching Menopause, therefore losing what little was left of their minds.

We are a pair, Dad and I.

Yesterday I gave him 2 doses of morphine a mere 90 mins. apart. As a result, he went to bed early and slept until the alarm went off at 3 a.m to take more morphine. It was the blind leading the blind...He couldn't remember the med schedule and I didn't remember my sister's instructions about the new med schedule. Oh well, he is still alive and we're back at it today.

Today we couldn't tell the cable customer service rep our phone number because he couldn't remember it and I didn't know it! Then we called the wrong cable company for tech support because...Well, you know...

We were going to watch a movie, but couldn't decide on which of the four I'd rented, so we're doing a crossword puzzle...At least until my short attention span presents him with another option and we drift off onto that project.

It's amazing how well we manage here in the attention deficit disordered, short attention span theater.

We take our frustrations out on the stupid cable guys...One actually had the nerve to tell us we didn't even know our own address! Wrong. That was the one thing we could remember!

It's catching, too. Everyone who comes to visit winds up confused.

Go figure!

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