Life in the Country- A Haunted Hollar Halloween



A while back, Skeeter the Dowser, came and used his brass divining rods to pick the best spot to drill the new well.  He said something about electromagnetic energy and that there were three caverns below the spot he elected to drill.

Sure enough, old Skeeter hit water.  But did he also hit something else?


A few months after Skeeter installed the well, one of the remaining members of the land’s original owners popped by for a visit.  As I’d heard rumors about an unmarked Confederate soldier’s gravesite on the property, I asked him if he knew where the boy was buried.

“Yep,” he said, nodding out toward the field.  “Reckon he’s about right where you put that new well.”


Okay, I thought he’s playing me.  I’m the City Girl.  He’s the big, strong, Country Man.  I thought that all year…until today.  Today I found this.


Be afraid, people.  Be very afraid. 

They’re electrostatic, they’re translucent and they’re on the move!



Life in the Country- Night and Day Difference


  By day- just an ordinary shed surrounded by an overgrown garden.

 289 But by night- The Wild Things are about…



Yep, here in the hollar it’s peaceful by day…

362 But when evening comes, beware…

Wild Thangs are everywhere!423


Life in the Country- Fish Tricks and Wooly Worms

  Another week, more color…

092   A good time to entertain friends who’d never seen the little log cabin.  Cold enough to send the snakes shivering underground so we could tramp around the old Wade home place.


  Mert’s trained the fish to do tricks in return for Saltine cracker crumbs.  But with it so cold, they wouldn’t even surface to show off for the city girls.  It was sad. Other than “Surface and Eat” the little bass don’t really know too many tricks and it was supposed to be the highlight of the farm tour.

078  At least we were able to accurately predict the rest of the winter’s weather. We found a Wooly Worm with two thick, black lines. 

081  I think this means two snow storms…or not…I couldn’t find the Wooly Worm Prognostication Manual.


But the leaves and the color, the crisp bite to the air, surely that made up for the lack of fish tricks and cable car rides to the top of the mountain.

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Fall Comes to the Hollar

  The leaves are beginning to turn.  The air is crisp and when evening comes, it gets downright nippy.


   With a hard freeze coming any day now and the trellis bowed by their weight, it’s time to harvest the gourds.



  But inside- it’s warm and cozy and we are enjoying the first fire of the year in the big stone hearth.


Tomorrow morning there will be hot coffee and plenty of plump, gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Life’s always sweeter in the country.


Morning Coffee on the Back Porch

  Okay, so the date’s wrong by a month, five years and two hours…but the rest was just right.



Training Wheels for the Cycle of Life

It is dawn and the first day of bow season.  Down by the pond next door a light is on outside the tiny trailer.  I know what that means.  My city girl roots are showing.


Last night I saw Mama and her two remaining babies down by the creek, munching in the neighbor’s clover patch and I wanted to scream, “Get out of there! If you do that tomorrow, he’ll kill you!”

wk of june 6-17 052

Okay, I don’t know all the rules but I’m fairly certain he won’t kill the babies- Maybe not even the mama.  But I’ve watched over them since Spring.  I mourned when the trail camera caught the bobcat dragging the third baby away.  And don’t tell me it’s the cycle of life.  I work in a nursing home, remember?  So I’m down with the whole cycle of life business.


There are just some times when I wish I had a bit of control over the whole thing.  Instead, I am relegated to standing out on my back porch, shooting the moon.