The Sun Don't Shine On One Dog's Tail Forever!

It's Tuesday- the day I am supposed to return to Greensboro. Per my arrangement with my sister, she will cover the day shift watching over Dad while I work for two days. I'll arrive back in New Bern in time for her to go to work Friday morning. But that is really irrelevant because...

Tuesday is the day before Wednesday.

On Wednesdays I prepare a great feast...As if this can somehow make up for my absence from home. I let the boys and Adam's girlfriend, Amanda, enjoy their repast. I lull them into sated complacency with carbohydrates and dessert. And then, when I am quite sure the young fiends are almost in a stupor...

I whip their asses at any game they put before me.

The evening culminates in a ferocious pinochle game.

Unfortunately for me, pinochle, the game I taught them to play a mere month ago, seems to be the only game they have found that affords them unbridled success.

For three straight weeks in a row they have beaten me...This includes the very first week when we were allegedly "not keeping score."

As if.

Last week Martha and I came close, ramping back from our 800 point deficit to lose by only 200 points. We were so proud.

But we were still losers.

Amanda's confidence grows with every hand. When she is particularly smug in the delivery of a trump card, Martha calls her "Witch!" Last week Amanda achieved "Double Witch!" status.

Adam, on the other hand, tries to maintain a poker face. But when he is pleased with himself, he looks at Amanda and cries "Putas!" At least, that is what I thought he was saying.

I didn't want him to think this little taunt of his was having an effect on us, so I said, "Ah-ha, my little putas! The tide is of victory is turning!"

Amanda bursts out laughing- which is not at all the response I was expecting from the opposition.

"What?" Adam asked.

She smiled her "Double Witch" smile. She had Spanish 2 last year.

"Your mom just called you her little bitch!"

They laugh like lunatics. She has neatly turned the joke back on me.

I am actually amused...but I am also thinking,

Okay, Bruja del Diablo, enjoy your little moment. But just remember:

The sun don't shine on one dog's ass forever.

In other words:

El sol no puede brillar en una cola del perro por siempre!

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