6 Weird Things About Me

O.M.G! I've been tagged!

The MOST fabulous Teena actually tagged me- the woman voted least likely to know 6 normal things about herself. Thank goodness she asked me a question I could answer! And thank goodness she knows just how to dynamite a gal off her pity pot!

6 Weird Things About Me:

1. I shuffle cards and tie my shoes backward- the exact reverse from the way every other person in the world does it.

2. I think I have every scrap of paper or picture my boys have ever brought home from school upstairs in my attic.

3. If I'm beating my kids at cards, I try not to crow- it'll spoil my Karma!

4. I use body scrub on my face every morning.

5. I'm a Southern Yankee transplant and I clog. I'm sorry, but that's just damned weird!

6. I will do anything, absolutely anything, not to call someone on the phone...Oh hell, I won't even answer it if I can help it! I'm just a phone phobe...unless I know you really, really well- then I'll talk your ears off!

The rules: List six weird things about you. Then choose six people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments!

I'm tagging:

1. Crushing Krisis

2. Andrea

3. Billy

4. Kim

5. Goldie

6. Candy


Teena said...

Body scrub on your face??!! Ouch!!!

I think I shuffle cards backwards too ... it's been a while but it seems to me that people used to make fun of me.

Thanks for playing :)

peter said...

Your post on Liz Strauss had a familiar ring for me; I usually don't participate in memes, and when I do i strive to make the meme something more - either a cohesive story or essay, or a bigger and more interesting challenge than it began.

So, i'm not ignoring your tag ... just letting it incubate until i arrive at something suitably unique.