Christmas Slugfest Hobbles Inspiration...

Well, we made it. Christmas came and went without any major explosions, omissions or crisis. Considering this zoo- that's an accomplishment!

Sister Flea is in town. She got in Christmas afternoon and we've been in a flurry of "finding our passion" and "feeling at one with the universal plan."

This means we watched "The Secret," followed by 4 chick flick movies- including "Invincible" - even if it is kind of a sport movie...about a guy from the hood makes the Eagles football team, wins the girl and the respect of South Philly, which ain't no easy feat I can tell you!

In other words- we are having a Slugfest...We wrap ourselves in afghans, crank up the gas logs, make tea and lie around doing nothing. We are Slugs- hence the name, Slugfest.

We did cruise the Dollar Store where we bought 2 yellow posterboards and 2 booklights. The posterboard is to hold our goals, hopes and dreams in the form of an Inspiration Board, while the booklights are for me.

We have yet to cut out one hope, dream or aspiration from a magazine- but we are one with our own laziness and know we are but gathering strength...and eating everything baked in this house within the past week.

The Win a Batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies Contest goodies are all packed up for their respective recipients and will go out in the mail tomorrow- that was my one nod to accomplishment and responsibility today.

Tomorrow the oldest dog, Woodah, goes back to the vet- yet again. This time it is bad. She will have a toe amputated because the vet thinks it's cancer. The thought of losing her overwhelms me. The thought of one more goodbye is too much...and I am dancing on the rim of self-pity.

I must remember our many blessings, visualize Woodah well and fiesty and stay strong. But some days are tougher than others.

Tomorrow it will be 3 months since Dad died.

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Teena said...

Sounds like some nice togetherness.

Is "The Secret" the same one I saw a couple months ago? About asking for what you want from the universe but also being willing to accept it? If so, I enjoyed it and have tried to embrace it's lessons.