Damn it! Cookie died.


Teena said...

I'm sorry :(

Tammom said...

I'm so sorry you're having to endure another loss so soon! Kick ya when you're down, eh?

I feel the same way about visitations, though I do believe a memorial is warranted to help give closure to those left behind. But, I get all pissy when I see a bunch of people standing around who were nothing but heartache to the deceased and their loved ones - mourning the loss for all it's worth. Life is for living and if you aren't going to be nice and participate in the lives of others, then get the hell outta the way and let the rest of us give the love that those others deserve. I have a few friends with whom I'm closer to than their own families ... but, I'll be the one left out when they die. That's perfectly ok with me - as I got the pleasure of enjoying them when they were living!

God's peace to you for 2007 - pull up your big girl panties and move forward - there's more love to give!