Dirty Little Secrets, Part 2. The Dog vs The Shower

We must talk. I have yet another dirty little secret to reveal...

My dogs are crazy. I offer as proof the following video in which Maggie the Schnauzer attempts to protect me from the shower by attacking it visciously. It is not enough that she bite the door, she must enter the shower itself and wait, sometimes barking shrilly, until the fateful drip of water invades her space. At that point, she attacks. If the water stops, she freezes until it starts up again.

If I wake up late, this guard dog activity really puts a kink in my schedule. In fact, should I allow myself to be "captured" by the evil shower, Maggie will sit outside the door and whine pathetically until I once again reveal myself as "all right."

And I haven't even gotten to the rest of the dogs yet. Genuine basketcases.

But I say, judge the insanity for yourself-


Roch101 said...

I think Maggie might need a good shrink.

Billy Jones said...

Wow, I'm glad I'm not a shower. Remind me never to tinkle in front of your dog. ;-)

Teena said...

Ha! That's a hoot! Such concentration! Our dog is too lazy to do that :)

Anonymous said...


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