How to Email Me in One Easy Lesson

There's a link at the bottom of each post...but it's tiny. It looks like a little envelope. Click on that and it'll bring my email address up...or, if you are ocularly challenged and still in denial about it:


Okay, I stand MEGA-corrected. My buddy Roch101, who knows WAY more about these things than ole technologically challenged me, pointed out that envelope icon only lets me send the blog entry to another friend. Well, hell!

So...just email me at the above address and I'll let you know if I ever wise up and figure out how to email myself!! It's like freakin' calling yourself- I never remember my own number cause I don't call me!

Hey, but if you go look at my profile, it shows an email address for me! Dawg! See, I'm a'learnin'!

1 comment:

Roch101 said...

"Click on that and it'll bring my email address up..."

That's not what that icon does.