Paula Dean Realities and the Movie "Because I Said So!"

Okay, I'm reduced to giving you a movie review. That is how dull my weekend has been, from a blogging perspective.

Gene Shalit trashed "Because I Said So," on Friday morning, putting a small damper on my enthusiasm for seeing Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore in this romantic comedy about an interfering mom and her too-long single daughter.

But, because as I said it's a slooow weekend, we all trooped down the the theater, plunked down our money and settled into our seats- even the Youngest Unnamed One who complained bitterly about being dragged to a "chick flick." He said the Eldest Unnamed One was only attending with his Beloved because, and I quote directly, "He's had his balls surgically removed." !!! The Beloved usually bops the Youngest on the head when he says this and they all laugh and then the Youngest looks at her and says, "Make my bed, woman!" which always gets him another bop...that is, if I don't reach him first...but I digress.

We have a quite open relationship around here, so all comments are totally tolerated...not agreed with, but tolerated or debated. The way I see it, I'd rather hear what they're thinking than not.

Besides, I love the way their minds work.

So, the movie was good. We all laughed, even the chief cynic who said it wasn't as bad as he'd anticipated.

I think chick flicks have the opposite reaction from the one the movie makers hope to generate. They usually make me feel sad. I think it's that "I could've had a V8" feeling.

So, I slog around feeling sorry for myself for a few minutes and then I remember the thing about reality is, it belongs to you and it is whatever you make of it. So if I want a V-8, or a relationship where I'm loved for who I am and not who I should be- I have only to create it and it will be.


Well I hope so...because there wasn't a lot of time to waste on pity parties. We all trooped home and I taught the Eldest Unnamed One and his Beloved how to make herb-crusted pork chops and maccaroni and cheese while I tried the recipe Paula Dean attempted to give Oprah on Friday afternoon...that is, before Paula dropped the glass measuring cup into the batter and it spewed all over everywhere. God, that was too funny! Paula just laughed and laughed and didn't let it bother her...which is why I had to make the pound cake. Oprah said the fiasco with Paula was the best time she'd ever had cooking on a show and from the way she was laughing and trying not to spew a mouthful of cake, I believe her!

That's what cooking and Saturdays are for anyway- laughing in the kitchen and celebrating the life you've made.

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Teena said...

That movie got really crappy reviews all over here. I'll be staying far far away from it!