Saturday Night Country Fever

Oh, it's big doins down here in McLeansville, North Carolina! Way out in the middle of almost nowhere, Farmer Brown (no joke, his real name), John Brown no less, hosts local musicians in his old tobacco barn. Only the locals in the know get an invite and sometimes they drag their friends along, which is how I got hooked up with this wonderful event.

The musicians are rarely in tune, but the audience is forgiving and a good time is had by all. We were out this particular evening because we love to dance with Caroline, the woman in the pink top. She's one of our regular clogging group but what makes her so fun to dance with is the way she just loves it. She's been a little down lately. Her husband lost his battle with lung cancer and life just hasn't been rosy. But when she dances, she forgets everything but the music and her smile is a delight to behold.

Marti's husband, Gary, shot the video. I told him to get as much of the local color and flavor as he could. I mean, one day all of this will be gone. Gary did a right good job. He even caught a guy explaining to me why he drives an hour to eat at the Libby Hill Seafood restaurant in High Point. "We eat the expensive stuff too. We got the shrimp and for the two of us it come to $23! Well, it was $21 but I left a tip, so that made it $23..." !!!! A $2 tip.

Oh well, maybe I'll get the singing deputy story up tomorrow, along with his clip...

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Billy The Blogging Poet said...

Before he died my Daddy was a regular there. My uncle might have been there when you were there.