Happy Valentine's Day!


  These guys got their Valentine's wish when the psycho kitty decided to scale the fence that separates her domicile from Dog Territory. 

I think this is a sign that the elderly cat has dementia as she has never once ventured onto Dog Turf from her "suite" of rooms in the back of the house, but what do I know? It could be a carefully crafted kitty cabal.

Perhaps it's just as well that the dogs have yet to realize their longed for nose-to-nose encounter with Spitty is within reach.  They have been too busy begging for a bite of The Humans' Valentine's Day Fondue dinner.

I believe , even at this early stage in our domestic drama, several life lessons are to be learned from this impending Valentine's Day Massacre...

1. Keep Your Eye on the Prize.  Don't let the little temptations in life distract you from your goal.

2. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the baby gate.

3.  Be careful what you wish for!  (This could apply to either side in the Dog-Cat Face-Off.)

The cat is currently under my bed doing God knows what, probably loading semi-automatic weapons and pulling the pins on grenades...While two doors down the hall,  the poor, stupid dogs are sleeping at my feet, blissfully unaware. 

The Other Unnamed Ones are all in a dither, so I'm not too worried about actual blood being shed.

Stay tuned....

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