Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Sniffles


For some reason, this picture seems to sum up how I feel...I have a cold and it's all I can do to keep the little cup balanced on top of my head...don't ask me to think or move or do much more than sit perfectly still.

No, no, I'm wrong...I feel, actually, more like this-



I came back from the wedding weekend to find Her sitting in the living room, a left-over from Halloween.  I was too tired to do much more than move her into the dining room for the birthday festivities we were about to have for the Eldest Unnamed One's 20th.


Lovey and I thought the bullet hole in her head was a bit much for a birthday, so we used under-eye concealer, a bit of bright plum lipstick and added the mask.

I suppose just stuffing her in the closet would've been the easiest way to handle the situation...

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Beth said...

Sorry you're feeling so lousy, Nancy. Here's hoping you'll feel better...and unstuffed...soon!

Happy Birthday to your son. He's the same age as my daughter.