Preparations and Procrastinations


A trace of snow Friday morning put me in mind of confectioner's sugar and from there it wasn't a big leap into The Cookie Files...Luscious Lemon Snaps- a thin butter cookie coated in lemon glaze and sprinkled with tiny white candy dots, then Chocolate Toffee bark followed by good old Chocolate Chippers. 

All a part of the huge procrastination process leading up to The Monster Cleanup Before Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow the Eldest and Lovey get in from school for the long Turkey weekend.  My sister, "Darlene" drives in from New Bern on Thursday and her daughter will drive in from somewhere just outside Boone. 

By Thursday night the festival of food will be in full swing and the gauntlet signaling the advent of the Holiday Light and Retail Season will have been flung to the ground.

The retail angle will be smaller this year but the lights...well, there's no need to buy anything when the entire attic and the cabin barn are filled to the goozles with lights and reindeers. 

The potato gun is dusted off and ready to fire high up into the trees- the first step in hanging the chicken wire light balls.

It's time to move on- past the brilliant scarlet and orange flame that was fall and into the cold gray and white blaze of winter.

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