Life in the Country- Here Kitty, Kitty…


  Look who wandered in front of the deer camera this past week.  He/She’s not very clear.  When I play around with it in my photo-editing programs, I think its coat is more bobcat-ish.

deer cam upper trail may 14 450

  In the meantime, the land is green, the cabins a beautiful white and the roses are blooming.  Even the Big Ugly is beginning to show signs of life.

may 14 ferrum 015


may 14 ferrum 004

may 14 ferrum 012 (2)


Beth said...

Yep, those ears look pretty bobcat-ish to me. Things are looking good at your mountain homestead!

- clark - said...

It is an interesting picture. I would say it is most likely a bobcat. For one thing the ears are set high on the head, like a bobcat, as well as being pointed more than a cougar's would be. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lance_mountain/2313214524/
this link is good for seeing the back of a bobcat.
this link can help with future identification. I know they are out there, good luck with the trail camera!

random blogger said...

regarding your other blog... I would swear that I have read all of those one liners before, it make for a great "best of" poem. I will have to catch up on you, and begin writing again myself. Glad to see you are still here Nancy.