A Great Thanksgiving…

  You know it’s a good Thanksgiving when you laugh so hard you accidentally suck a grape down your windpipe, then have to drop the camera onto the table so you can give your son a panicked look that makes him to raise one eyebrow and say “Heimlich?” 


  But a great Thanksgiving is one where you stare wordlessly back at the boy, unable to answer for what feels like an eternity because the grape has blocked your entire throat- Then with a sudden gasp, you inhale and say “No.  Thanks. I’m good.”

It was a Great Thanksgiving.


Beth said...

We laughed a lot at our Thanksgiving table, too, but thank goodness there were no choking incidents! I'm glad your Thanksgiving was such a joyful one, Nancy. I love that picture---you can see the warmth and love there.

Random Blogger said...