My New Boyfriend and My Other New Boyfriend Come Calling

This is my new boyfriend. 

032 He arrived yesterday afternoon at the cabin door, hanging back behind my other new boyfriend, Hank.

033 There he was, living proof that “If you ain’t the lead dog, the view never changes,” is a lie- Because from the second our eyes met, I knew Hank was in danger of losing his Number One spot in my heart.

I think Hank knew it too.


But BoBo, (That’s what I called him), was a sport about the whole deal and did his best to smooth the situation over.  And soon Hank was cool with the whole idea.


Until it came time to play the game Hank and I always play alone- Fetch.

Bobo caught on right quick and therein lay the trouble…Hank will share me in a heartbeat, but when it came to the bone…not so much with the peace and brotherhood, what’s mine is ours notion.

 053   There were a few tense moments, a bit of the Run for Your Life game…


And then all was forgiven as I seemed to have been forgotten…


  Oh well, I’ll make do I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Best blog of the day. Love the pics!

Heather said...

Very cute..I have a beagle of my own and as much as I get mad at him for his strange and usual antics, I never seems to be able to stay mad at him for any length of time!

Beth said...

Oh Nancy, you have made me smile this morning and your "boyfriends" have stolen my heart! I love those shots---they are wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Nancy said...

Thanks, guys! Hank showed up the morning after, in the rain, and stood outside the cabin door looking so pitiful I had to go out and play fetch- just the two of us. I told him "You'll always be my Number One guy!" He pretended he wasn't worried, but I knew my Hankie Poo...such a worry wart!