Writing Blocked

I'm blocked. Have been for too long to say. But I'm trying.  A few measly paragraphs.  Does it hook? Feedback anyone?

            I used to be normal, just like you.  Then one day I woke up and realized my kids had left home, my husband had traded me in on a newer model and I was now standing on the edge of a cliff called “The Rest of Your Life.”  
Shortly after that, due to a misprint on Craigslist and short bidding window, I became the proud new owner of a house on Tate Street.  A sweet, yellow, Dutch Colonial overlooking the college campus, right in the heart of the funky, downtown district.  I felt like I’d rediscovered the hippy girl I used to be-only a bit older and wiser.  Or so I thought.
            That was before I arrived home one day and found the Pirate’s dog leering at me through a gap in my own privacy fence.  I didn’t know it then but Fate was about to teach me a very valuable lesson-there are no U-turns on Life’s Highway.  


Anonymous said...

The thing you recently wrote about Belle at the nursing home was poignant, sweet and moving. I'm not buying that you're blocked. You decide to write or to not write. You decide to share or to not share. But you don't get to decide that you *can't* write any more, and your recent writing proves that you can. We'll wait until you have something worth writing about that you feel is worth sharing with us. it's worth the wait. Please continue.

Nancy said...

Thank you.

LBDDiaries said...

OK I've waited long enough. What about the Pirate's dog and fate and u-turns? You sure know how to keep someone on edge (smile).

Sylvia said...

Too right, LBDDiaries! I've clicked and clicked on Miss Naked's blog until I couldn't stand the disappointment of not finding anything new. And today I find I missed several posts because I didn't keep clicking. We love you, Nancy.