A Game-y New Year's Eve

Oh, it is New Year's Eve and we are totally set for the night...

The Unnamed Ones decided they wanted to be here versus at the beach with the Long Departed Ex-Spouse and their Happy Family so we're celebrating in style.

We'll sit around the table and have fondue- steak, shrimp and chicken with chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. There will be french bread and good conversation followed by a surprise evening of entertainment.

The boardgames cart at the mall was having a sell-out which means this household will be playing a host of new games. You'd think we'd all be over this phase of our lives but the trick is to find games that pique our interests as we all grow and evolve. The absolute and total key though is to play games that are a bit out of the norm. There is no Monopoly for this crew, no sirree, Bob!

The lineup for the evening: 7 Deadly Sins, Dirty Minds, Things- Humor in a Box, Visual Eyes, the Wizard card game and, if all else fails, Pass the Pigs.

I'm thinking this could be a great start to what has got to be a better year!