Stinky Dogs and Opposable Thumbs

How have I lived this long with 4 dogs and not known about this?

Maybe this isn't a high-use item for dogs because they don't have opposable thumbs. How would they grab ahold of it to use it? Furthermore, if you can't grab soap, how do you turn on the shower?

Poor doggies. Of course they stink. They have no opposable thumbs.

This same catalog also carries a product called "Snake-Away." It's a powder that's supposed to keep every snake BUT copperheads away from the garden. You sprinkle a little line of the stuff around the perimeter of where you don't want snakes and Voila! No snakes- just Copperheads.

Wonder how much of that stuff it would take to outline 63 acres? Okay, well maybe just the immediate 3 acres. And around my bed.

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