Diggin' Up Bones



I know...you think I've been neglecting you. Never fear- I have been here, recharging my batteries. 

It started when Mertis and I were out wasting time in Tuesday Morning.  Lying on a bottom shelf toward the back, almost hidden by the deep shadows, was a cheap, way-discounted, metal detector.  Instead of towels, I gave in to impulse.

In the process of trying to learn what my new toy can do, I discovered dumpdiggers.com.  It was all downhill after that.

You may not know this, but here's a whole flock of folks out there diggin' up old potties and looking for buried treasure.  Like Ant.

I even found a couple of guys, Heath and Bongo, who make and sell Privy Probes. 

I find this all frankly, fascinating.  Vaguely disturbing but nonetheless fascinating.

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Beth said...

I find it fascinating, as well. Though I can't imagine many things I'd want badly enough to shovel up excrement for--composted or not.
Thanks for...umm...digging up the poop to give us the scoop on this subject.