Sneaking Up on Geezerhood...


This is the time of year when evening sneaks up on us early, filling up the hollar before we're ready to call it a day.  This one particular night caught me out wandering.  I'd stopped to examine some berries, take pictures of an old pot and to wonder if there truly were bears about.



At the edge of the property, down by the neighbor's creek junction, I sat down to stare up across the lawn from a new angle.  Then, on account of I'm getting old, it felt good to stay that way- slumped down in the teacup saucer shaped spot at the bottom of the yard, relaxing back against the grassy rim as I snapped picture after picture.


It's hard- facing down geezer-hood.  Deep inside, there's still this cool, hippy chick wanting to stay relevant...or at least fake it.


But age is sneaking up behind me, whispering in my ear as I visit the nursing home..."This is you one day," it says. 


I've got to turn this mess around.  I've got to retrieve my old lady mojo and get to steppin'!

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Random Blogger said...

I envy your position. I wish I had a place to escape to as you do to your cabin.