Here's Lookin' at You, Kid!



Remember the big mystery poo?  The bumps in the night?  The huge tracks across the way?  Well, we certainly were curious about the source of such large, um...deposits, so we decided to put up a trail cam.


We hooked the little black box up to a tree, trained the eye as best we could to overlook the trail, scattered some tired apple quarters about and drove back to Greensboro.

Six days later, we rode back up to check and climbed the frozen ground up to the old home place. 


We were sooooo excited!

We were just certain our Yeti was waiting for us, safely captured on the camera's memory card.  I pictured him squatting on hairy haunches, oblivious to the infared flash as he gobbled dirty apple pieces, all the while darting furtive glances over his shoulder.

I imagined the headlines in the Roanoke paper when we captured the first absolute image of a cougar in Franklin County.

There was no end to the wildlife I just knew we'd snared with our huge 4 Gigabyte memory.

I know.  The suspense is killing you.  Look closely...See him?



Yeah. Me either.



But we did catch a couple of fellers, the ones who managed to escape the SWAT team of hunters who surround us up there.



So we did the only thing we could...We bought deer corn, cut up some more apples, readjusted the cameras and headed on back.  Maybe, with any luck, we'll have better luck.

I might even catch another one of these...





Can you see me now?

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