Mysteries Solved at the Little Cabin in Virginia

It was a beautiful weekend to be up on the mountain. With the leaves down, it's easy to discover new trails and parts of the property we'd never seen before.


One of the neighbors who grew up in around the holler stopped by to talk about the old days.  He remembers a time when half the way up the mountain was pasture and before that, tobacco.

His brother's wife remembers the day Posey planted the boxwood hedge around the old abandoned cabin.  She said he did this by cutting slips from an existing boxwood, sticking each branch into a potato and then planting the potato and cutting in the ground.

Now look at them-



I think I've finally got a handle on the trail camera setup. This past Friday when I went back to check, there were well over a thousand pictures waiting.

Remember those hauntingly large tracks we found heading up the mountain?


The paw that looked like Abominable Snow-creature tracks?


We caught him.  Just like the professional tracker and the neighbors said...It was Otis...


The Blue Tick Coon Hound...and one of his pals- a part-beagle, part-shepherd mix.

Oh well.

But our other neighbors are a family of deer who live in the woods surrounding the cabin.


It seems the girls run in one pack, while the guys go stag.


Of course, the girls are always the first on the scene.  Once they've secured the perimeter, the let the boys know it's safe to come on in.


Some things just never change...


Beth said...

So glad you solved the mystery, Nancy. And Tom will be happy to know he was right---but thank God it was Otis and not the spawn of Cujo. By the way, that Stealth Cam takes great shots!

I'm gonna have to try that potato trick.

Nancy said...

Wasn't that cool? I could just see short, roly-poly Posey sticking twigs in fat potatoes and plopping them in the dirt!

claudia said...

Loved your blog! I too have a tree camera, and its such a treat to see the animals you can capture!
I live in Franklin county and blog and write and have 2 dogs, 5 cats and 4 mini horses,a husband,and my Mom!
Seems we are like spirits..
now if you say you moved from Boston, I'm coming over!
check out my blog: