More Doins Up the Holler

The little cabin up the holler is feeling much better thanks to a fresh coat of driveway gravel and the kindly help of our brother neighbors, Glen and James.


With some of the brush gone, it's easier to find old logging trails and follow deer paths up to the top ridge line.

This picture doesn't do the old tree justice, but I believe it's one of the oldest on the mountain- probably 8' around.



But all is not sweetness and light.  A few of the denizens are right unhappy to have their quiet winter morning breakfast disturbed by the humans.


One of the little ones decided to take the matter up with the black box on the tree and made quite a case for her claim to the mountain.


The mud turtles weren't too happy about the disturbance either.



I feel the same way when my nap's disrupted.

But once some of the corroded tin shards and logs from the burnt down third cabin got moved out of the way, the branch began to flow, bubbling up from the ground with a soft gurgle of relief.

In the Spring, when things green up and the peeps return to the pond, I believe the wildlife citizenry will forgive me.

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Beth said...

Wow. Glen and James did a wonderful job---it's so neatly done, it looks almost as though your driveway is paved. And, by the way, your driveway looks so inviting---makes me want to meander right down it.

That is one mean-looking turtle---looks like he wouldn't hesitate to take a bite if you got too close. Not that I'd ever do that....