Life in the Country- A Haunted Hollar Halloween



A while back, Skeeter the Dowser, came and used his brass divining rods to pick the best spot to drill the new well.  He said something about electromagnetic energy and that there were three caverns below the spot he elected to drill.

Sure enough, old Skeeter hit water.  But did he also hit something else?


A few months after Skeeter installed the well, one of the remaining members of the land’s original owners popped by for a visit.  As I’d heard rumors about an unmarked Confederate soldier’s gravesite on the property, I asked him if he knew where the boy was buried.

“Yep,” he said, nodding out toward the field.  “Reckon he’s about right where you put that new well.”


Okay, I thought he’s playing me.  I’m the City Girl.  He’s the big, strong, Country Man.  I thought that all year…until today.  Today I found this.


Be afraid, people.  Be very afraid. 

They’re electrostatic, they’re translucent and they’re on the move!


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