Water, Water Everywhere?

Was the invasion of the honeybees not enough excitement?

Tuesday the spring box ran dry.

One minute water- the next, dry.

This led to the arrival of the local well man, Skeeter.


There was a well on the property but the soil is so sandy, it caved in as they were drilling it. Miraculously, this flooded the dry spring box with water, solving the problem and eliminating the immediate need for a well...Until now.

Skeeter hoped he could get the old well to work.  "Maybe I can gravel pack it so the sand and rock don't get into your water line," he said. "That'd be better than having to drill a new one."


But sadly this was not to be.  The old well burbled, sputtered and spat out a few gallons only to die off down to nothing.

We would need to drill a new well somewhere on the property where there is less sand.

Which is when Skeeter brought out the diving rods.




Skeeter took off across the lane, up to the highest elevation of my field and began to pace.  He muttered to himself and raked up a few patches of dirt before declaring his rods indicated there were three caverns beneath the ground where he stood.

"Now, whether there's water in 'em, I don't know, but with three we should have a shot."

He said his brass rods could indicate anything from water to electromagnetic fields, so it made me a bit anxious when I realized the spot he'd selected was directly beneath the phone wires. 

Still, he walked to and fro, checking and rechecking and as he has the best reputation in this area for finding water, who was I to question?



Even Skeeter's truck is full of confidence...


Now it's off to the Health Department for a well-drilling permit. Then there's the wait for an inspector to become available to inspect the future site. Then we have to wait our turn in Skeeter's busy schedule...It's looking like a long, dry summer.

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