Holy Ghost?

The other day, driving home from the cabin, I saw something and thought...Nah, couldn't be. I did not just see a manger decorated for Halloween. The Virgin Mary was not draped to appear like a friendly ghost...I did not see a...Holy Ghost.

I almost turned around and went back to see. Almost. But the other week I mistook a roll of insulation for a dead body wrapped in a silver reflecting blanket and abandoned by the side of the road.

It took 15 minutes to convince myself I'd really seen a dead body, and pursuade myself I would be letting down mankind if I didn't do my civic duty by investigating. Then turn around and drive all the way back to the exact spot where I'd seen said corpse. And what did I find? It had only been silver-sided insulation with pink fiberglass stuffing. But really, at the time the stuffing had looked exactly like a pair of dirty,human feet when I passed it the first time.

So when I saw the Holy Ghost, I knew better than to stop. I kept right on driving.

Then today I had to go back up to the mountains. The gas logs were scheduled for installation, giving me a good reason to drive slowly past the house with the manger scene. I took a camera, just in case.

As I rounded the corner, I was barely doing 5 mph. There it was...

Now...did you see that?

Okay, so it wasn't the Blessed Virgin but, trust me, that is a manger and it will contain the Baby Jesus in another month or so.

In the meantime...Life is lovely in Franklin County.

And Mike Martin and Butch at Martin's PGS are the best gas log installers in Franklin County. Neat. Professional. Sweethearts.

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random blogger said...

Where did all your commenters go? I love reading about the cabin, in fact I love reading just about anything you write and I have for over a year now. Keep'em coming Nancy, comments or not, and don't forget the photographs.