Alright, Now Who Did This?!


So, I'm out walking across the lane, along the path leading up toward the mountain top when I started coming across some animal tracks.  In light of the scat attack out by the woodpile, I thought this might bring further enlightenment to the quest for certainty.

But the more tracks I followed, the more I found. And they were right large.


So, if any of you out there have any idea what any of these are, please let me know! I'm beginning to think Big Foot is hosting an animal convention outside.







This was the first one I found and I was just sure it was Coyote, but after looking at charts, pictures and graphs online I now think bobcat looks very much like coyote. In fact, they're all beginning to run together!



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Beth said...

Goodness, those are indeed very sizable tracks. Tom (the former zookeeper) speculates that they are the tracks of a very, very large dog (unless you have wolves around there), perhaps the spawn of Cujo.

Ummm...you know, maybe I'll come for supper another time... :-)