Slipping Away


The thing about moms is- there aren’t always a lot of pictures of them. They’re usually the one taking the pictures.  It was no different with my mom.  Lots of things were different about my mom- but I know she did love me- very much.

And she loved my sister and my brother.

But perhaps even more, she loved our father.

So, just a month and a day short of four years after his death, she joined him. 

While we had almost a year of saying goodbye to Dad, Mom’s final take-off seemed to collapse into a one, short week.  In a way, we’ve been saying goodbye to her for years, maybe even for all of our lives.  For some people the world is just too much- too loud, too demanding, too busy to nurture a shy, fragile, brilliant girl.

When Dad launched I knew he was happy to be on his way to a new adventure. But with Mom, I’m not so sure.  There weren’t as many signs.  She was gone before we knew it- struggling and laboring for days and then, with a small, quick, exhalation, gone.


Jack said...

Greatest of photos! The first couple of times I saw your unusual mom she was in the front of the classroom. Standing the first day, then sitting for a week or two, after which your dad took over and she showed her face only occasionally. Every time I saw her from then forward, she was in bed. Her, your dad, you, and her bed. A dog, a sibling or two, and of course Alice, but this was pretty much the scene at your place.

I found it all eccentrically beautiful. There was love everywhere...

Sylvia said...

I'm sorry, Nancy. As you're well aware, the pain of missing Mom and Dad never goes away entirely. Twenty-five years and tears still well up if my thoughts dwell very long on Mother's difficult life. She loved all her children dearly, too.

Beth said...

I'm sorry about your Mom's passing, Nancy. Love and peace to you and your family.