Sequins Before Five P.M.

I love my new home. I love my new neighborhood but perhaps I failed to truly appreciate how wonderful it really is. Today I came home and was standing outside with the dogs when I caught a glimpse of someone moving toward me, someone who sparkled in the late afternoon sunshine.

I was fiddling with a solar light when he rounded the corner. When I saw the boy, dressed in a little, black, sequined cocktail dress, black men's dress socks and little, if anything, else, I looked away, pretending to focus all my attention on the glass jar in my hands. I used the moment to adjust my expression, to assimilate the information streaming into my consciousness and as quickly, let it go. I looked up, met his level gaze, returned his slight smile and said "Hey."

"Hey," he said, his smile mirroring my own as he walked by, strolling casually down the street.

I know what I did next was wrong. I leaned out into the street, fumbled with my cell phone and snapped this picture. And in the moments that followed I thought of all the things I should've, could've said...

"You totally rock that dress!"

Too much perhaps.

"Aren't you cold? If you'd hold on a minute, I believe I have a jacket that would fit you."

"What size shoes do you wear? I have boys. They left some snow boots here. I know they don't go with what you're wearing, but you must be cold."

"Are you okay? Can I give you a ride somewhere?"

This wouldn't have been the effect he was looking for perhaps. He wasn't searching for a mom. I don't know what he was looking for but it wasn't a mom.

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LBDDiaries said...

Well, all-righty then. I love his dress no matter who or what was going on! It bugs that he looks better in it that I would. I think you handled it just right because seriously, what else could you do?