Fixin' to Quit

I'm trying to quit cake. Cold Turkey. Haven't had a bite since February 15th. I tell myself, if I can go three weeks without it- without a crumb crossing my lips, without looking at a new recipe or perusing pictures on Pinterest, I'll be in the clear. That's just two more days away. Everyone knows if you do something for three straight weeks it becomes a habit, right? I know this. It's a mantra I repeat every morning in the mirror and every night as I switch out the lights in the kitchen and head up the stairs to bed..."Three weeks," I whisper. "I can do anything for three weeks."

Then yesterday I read an article in the Huffington Post that said the Three Week Habit rule is nothing more than a myth.

 I haven't stopped thinking about cake since.

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LBDDiaries said...

Don't pay attention to Huffington Post because that is someone's opinion. It really has been established that it takes approximately 28 days to establish a habit, then every day after that you still make a choice each day but it becomes easier (supposedly) after that 28th day. I have trouble making it to the 28th day!! NO CAKE FOR YOU. NO BREAD FOR ME. We can do this. We can, we can, we can!!