I Love Your Hair, Honey!

On a lighter note...there's Laura.

Laura is 85 and I know I've talked about her before. She's the one who never married, the career girl who lived around the country and finally retired in Greensboro...only to have a massive stroke within a few months. She landed in the nursing home, her body frozen into an awkward, uncomfortable position with only her wit to keep her sane.

She had herself declared "Incompetent" because she didn't want to fool with the paperwork that comes with living in an institution. Then she found out this also meant she couldn't vote. This pissed her off as she really couldn't stand George Bush. "He's an idiot, honey!"

Laura is one savvy lady.

Today she paid me back for staying gone so long.

"Your hair looks real nice, honey!" she said. "And I just love your pants! But honey, your butt sure got big, didn't it?"


Anonymous said...

Can i say that your writing ROCKS and so do you. You seem like a truely awesome person! Thanks for the great blog to read...i will surely have to grab up your books too!

Kim said...

I believe that's called passive aggression...

But then again, there's always Sir Mix A Lot, who is to say which school of thought she belongs to?

Kim said...

she sounds just a bit passive agressive....How big did your butt get anyway?