Karma Has Failed Me Again

Karma has failed me again.

Friday night, after experiencing the still-sweet taste of victory at the pinochle table, I blew it. I forgot all my vows to maintain my humility.

When Martha and I yet again beat Adam and the lovely Amanda at the game I so carefully taught them, I forgot all about the Soccer Mom Code of Conduct. You know the one. "It doesn't matter who won or lost, we're on the field to have fun!"

When Adam and Ben were little, I instilled this virtue in them, insisting upon sportsmanship and good manners at all times. All of us soccer moms taught our precious little ones this valuable lesson.

And well they remembered it, too.

But not me and Martha!

When we finally beat the Bruja Diablo and Picana Puntos, we did not maintain our humble and gracious demeanor. No, we jumped out of our seats, pointing, hollering, high-fiving and singing "This Land Is Your Land!" (I do not know why I chose this for our victory song but at the time it seemed the perfect choice.)

Amanda congratulated us...Just like her Mama taught her. "Good game," she said sweetly.

Did we respond in kind? Were we gracious? Oh, no we were not! We became the two little old ladies in theCitibank Identity Theft commercial...Revving our engines and talking about how we intended to kick their butts forever!

"The tide has turned!" I crowed.

"We are family!" Martha sang, which got all three of us to look at her with puzzled expressions. She shrugged. "Well, I like it!"

Disco will never die for the woman...Mores the pity. Anyway, I digress...

We smirked, we poked, we boasted and bragged...

And we have not won one hand since then.

I'm not worried though...Last night, after beating us again, Adam turned to me and said, "Put this score in your little blog, why don't you?"

Now who's pissing off Lady Karma, eh?

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Kim said...

He did NOT say that...

And what's wrong with experiencing a little joyful celebration? Huh? Just because we're mom's doesn't mean it's wrong to shove a loss in their face! I mean come on! It wasn't soccer, it was cards! There is no sportsman skill required in cards, it's all brain power and strategy! pfffffffffft, little shit.