Sweet but Still Corny

I'll get over Candy Corn soon. I'll stop nibbling the tiny white tips, then the orange middle and tiny, yellow bottoms. I'll walk past the Jack O' Lantern candy jar without stopping. I won't slip the lid off, or slide my hand inside the slick, ceramic globe to grab an indiscriminate handful. I won't crave the honeyed-sugar "finish" on my tongue. I will beat this. I don't have a problem.

I mean, I beat the tiny orange pumpkin things...sort of. I don't search for them anymore when I'm corn-diving. If I happen to snag a few while I'm grabbing little corns, that's fine. If not, oh well! I'll survive without them.

You see, I can quit anytime I want to. I can control my life on sugar.

I can beat Candy Corn.

Excuse me...I need to go check something in the den...Yes, I know that's where the jar is...I'm only going to see if I left the light on or anything...

Sigh. Alright, fine!

Hi, my name's Nancy and I'm a Cornaholic...

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