Warriors in Cheap Satin

I thought the days of doing homework were long gone, vanished like soccer practice and homeroom cookies. But tonight I was happy to find out I was wrong. My Unnamed Younger One needed assistance. A puppet show is to be performed tomorrow and the Unnamed had no puppets and no plan.

Thank God for the Dollar Store! 4 Santa tree topers, an angel topper and 2 woven placemats and we were good to go.

Considering these former Santa and Angel tree toppers were the base of our operations, I'd say we did a right credible tribute to 1300 A.D local culture.

Thank God for glue guns, ace bandages and leftover makeup! Without them, all hope of world peace is impossible!

And to think I failed Art in 4th grade. Miss Casner, eat my leftover school paste! I am woman hear me roar! And The Unnamed Younger One ain't too shabby either!

Get 'er done!

Am I punch-drunk from 5 hours of this crap?

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