7 Days of Becoming the Woman I Am - Not the Bitch I've Become

Day One:

I have fallen off the Intention Engine, allowed myself to slip into the Morass of Misery and totally gotten off the course to a happier new year!

And the thing about it is, it was sooo easy!

All I had to do was take my eye off the prize. Instead of focusing on what I "intend" for my life, I started looking at the pebbles lying in the road that stretches between me and my goals.

Pretty soon, all I could see were the boulders. I focused on the negative energy around me and before long, I'd attracted a whole lot more. After all, doesn't misery love company?

Sometimes I forget the primary Law of Attraction- Energy attracts more energy. If I put out negative energy, that's what comes back. If I seek out the positive, more positive energy is attracted into my life.

If I don't believe in myself and my goals, then I will stumble over pebbles. But if I truly believe in what I seek to attain for myself, it will come. I know, this concept has been around for thousands of years...take Doubting Thomas, for example. When he stopped placing his faith in the right direction, the boy fell down into the water...but when he trusted in his vision, he didn't even get his little pinkie toe wet! It's not rocket science.

Take Woo-dah, the doggie who started chemotherapy today for her melanoma. She's home and feeling fine. Why? The vet said dogs don't react to chemo like humans do. He said, "They don't expect to feel bad, so their symptoms aren't as severe."

(And I haven't even talked about envisioning Woo-dah as cancer free last week and then her going for her cancer staging and us learning she was cancer free. How's that for positive energy?! The chemo's only a precaution now.)

So, for Day One of my Becoming Week- I will let go of the negativity around me and refocus my vision on life as I intend it...

My home is a blissful, comfortable haven where cooperation harmonizes into an atmosphere of encouragement and gratitude. Laughter flows. Tension eases. And it is a joy to anticipate homecomings. I love my family and they love me. My soulmate stands at my side. We appreciate each others strengths and revel in our complimentary personality traits. How empty our lives would be without such diversity. How grateful I am for my wonderful life.

Today is about letting the resentment, hurt feelings and anger go. They are only pebbles. There is no sense in wasting energy on a few pebbles now, is there?


MrsM711 said...

Loved this one. I feel I am more in control of my positive feelings at my present age (43), but this reminder is a wonderful thing.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen The Intention Engine


Nancy said...

Yep, Brendan- love it!