And the Circle It Goes Round and Round...

How's this for cool- My 16 year old went to march in Washington! I am so proud! The boy is taking after his old lady!

And damn it! My ex thought of the idea and so he got to take him! Man! I am twelve kinds of green! (By the way, why do people turn green with envy? Shouldn't it be black or something else rotten?)

Yep, The Youngest Unnamed One is doing what I did at his age. It's so strange! But cool, very, very cool!

Then I sent him to Georgetown to prowl around. Of course it's been years since I was there- strolling into the club where Roberta Flack (Killing Me Softly) made her start; visiting my first "Adult" store; sniffing incense in the Head shops...D.C is where my friend Harmonica Jack and I won an Open Mike night at the same club where Emmy Lou Harris used to play.

We rode down from West Chester, PA on his little maybe a Honda 350, on I-95! Me with a guitar strapped to the bike, the two of us singing and laughing like the young fools in love we were. The bike blew a gasket and my cousins rescued us, put us up and then celebrated with us when we actually won!

I have fond memories of D.C- of traveling down on Amtrak to stay with another cousin who was married to a very minor diplomat (who was probably really a spy anyway). We would dress in evening gowns and attend all the embassy parties. Free food, dancing, living like Cinderella for the weekend and staying in an apartment the size of a butter pat.

Running away with my girlfriend when we were still in high school to attend the big March on Washington, while unbeknown to us, her mother and my dad were also there, marching...Hell, we could've caught a ride...

Those were so the days...And now, it's his turn.

You go, boy! Make your old Mama proud!!

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