The Bitch Is Grateful and The Woman Relieved

Okay, so maybe the Universe celebrates imperfection in our intentions. You know how one of the Intentions I set for myself was to have money left over at the end of the month? This so I could continue my lake house Intention? Well, a check for $1658. arrived out of the blue today. Completely unexpected! Add to that a child support check ON TIME, miracle of miracles and $100 found in my jeans pocket...laundered money to be sure as it was in the washing machine.

This doesn't even include my grand shopping excursion to Harris Teeter this morning where I rang up a bill for $334. but walked out after discounts and coupons only paying $178! And that's stocking up on enough meat to feed an army for a month!

Maybe Billy the Blogging Poet isn't the only one who likes me with a distinct flavor of Bitch! Maybe the Universe doesn't mind a few snide remarks or sarcastic comments. Maybe It laughs right along with me...

Furthermore- I am writing. It may be shit, but it's words on paper and my characters are beginning to express themselves.

Funny thing, too- the main character is moving to the lake...

Small world, huh?

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Billy The Blogging Poet said...

What? I'm not the only one? We need to talk.

By the way, you might enjoy my newest novel. Actually I wrote it 4 years ago but I'm just now sharing it.