Dancing Like Barney...Right Into My New Reality

"Be the change you wish to see in the Universe."

Okay, I'm working with this, trying it on for size and having some interesting results.

Things around here had fallen into a bit of a negativity slump. You know- the glass is half-empty versus half-full. I caught myself thinking of my life as a shit sandwich. When you think your life is going down the tubes you tend to look for supporting evidence.

So I was looking at everything that wasn't working and using it as proof that my life indeed sucked.

That's what I looked for, that's what I got.

If I was searching for a bad time, I was certainly successful in cultivating one.

And I am totally over it!

I figure, what can it hurt to reorganize my reality? So for the past few days I've been walking around trying to see the positives-turning the lemons into lemonade.

I must tell you- I'm starting to feel like Barney the Terminally Happy Dinosaur.

Dogs crapped on the rug? Well, at least I didn't step on it!

Stepped on the dog crap? Well, it could be worse...I could've done it in my bare feet.

Stepped on dog crap in my bare feet? Well, I'm totally lucky it didn't have anything sharp in it and was at least still warm! Imagine how icky it would be to step in cold dog dookie with sharp twigs in it!

Oh, you did?! Well, aren't you glad your dog didn't die from ingesting those sharp twigs! And wasn't that a wonderful way of the Universe letting you know that your dog has been consuming potentially dangerous twigs! Boy are you lucky!

While I haven't stepped in any doo-doo, I have seen a wonderful change around here.

Apparently a good attitude is catching...or maybe I just choose to see it that way.

It's been amazingly good for my love life...but that's another story...

And when I have momentarily forgotten my new approach to reality- the people around me are beginning to help out by saying things like "What happened to that positive attitude?" This jars me into perspective and I get back on track.

Now, is it corny beyond belief? Absolutely. Do I feel like a fool? Sometimes. But would I rather die feeling I'd had a happy life or a shit sandwich?

I'm voting for goofy, woo-wah happy.

And if my love life continues to improve...well, I suppose that's just the cross I'll have to bear...


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Teena said...

You go, Girl!

Stepping in doggy doo in bare feet is nasty! Ewwww!!! Yes, I speak from experience :)