Day 4- Becoming the Woman I Am...

Day 4- Okay, becoming the woman I am is nice. Really it is. All around me, my friends are happy, my kids are sweet and helpful, and money keeps coming in the mail.

Who could complain about all this bliss?

Me. This turning the other cheek crap is wearing on my last nerve. I expect the best from the world. I forgive all the things that have wounded my feelings. But I don't forget. And until I forget, I'm still not forgiving, am I?

If I keep replaying words said in anger and feeling the pain of those hurts, I'm not really living in the present, am I?

I guess I'm looking at the teacup again and ignoring the space around it.

Shit. And I thought I had the "Becoming the Woman I am and not the Bitch I've Become" thing licked in 3 short days!

Oh, well. Time to dig deeper!

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