More Pennies...

Okay, I'm not a total woo-woo but...there was another penny on my bed this morning!

Teena, now I am officially freaked!

I'd call Ellen...but we all know how I am about phones...still, this may warrant a call!!


Heather said...

I can definitely relate to what it is like to be looking for those signs as I went through the very same thing when my dad died. Sometimes it seems like we just need to slow down long enough to pay attention to what is right in front of us. And something tells me that losing your purse was another one of those signs.

Some people might call me crazy but I would say that the pennies are another sign..someone is thinking of you and watching over you and I think he really wants you to know that.

Teena said...

Another penny?! No freakin' way!!!!